Passito di Noto

Production Area
Noto, Sicily, Italy

Grape Varieties
100% Moscato Bianco

Harvested in late August followed by 40 days of open air drying. The grapes are then de-stemmed and crushed; the juice is clarified through cold settling overnight and then inoculated with selected yeast. Fermentation takes place first across 15 days at a cold temperature of 15˚C (59˚F) and is then raised to 20˚C (68˚F) for a long, slow fermentation totaling 120 days. The wine rests in stainless steel tanks throughout and is then bottled in the March following the harvest.

Bright golden yellow

Concentrated notes of dried apricots, mango, orange peel, plums, dates, pistachio and vanilla cream; accented by notes of tea, orange blossoms, ginger and sesame seeds(typical fragrances of Sicilian cakes)

Creamy, dense and full-bodied, yet graceful; sweetness predominates, balanced by a lively acidity, resulting in a voluptuous and lingering finish


Serving Suggestions
Enjoy with baked apples in orange sauce, small cakes, fruit tarts, vanilla –flavored Bavarian cake and other assorted pastries. Also delicious with fresh fruit. For an amazing experience, pair with prosciutto and melon.

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Passito di Noto

Passito di Noto

Engagingly fresh and succulent on the nose, exhibiting classic floral and grapey aromas. The palate is medium bodied, sweet and sensuous with fine flavours of ripe apricot, honey and melon with good balancing acidity and a crisp, mouthfilling finish.

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